Sound of Mind

So, for those of you who don’t know I am currently working as a .NET architect on a contract in Colchester (Essex). This means I am driving 140 miles a day which takes around 2.5 to 3 hours.
I was particularly apprehensive about this commute going into the contract. In fact I only agreed to a 6 week contract for this reason. It’s not just the time and the distance and the inconvenience, it’s the fact that time in the car is “dead” time and I hate that. I hate being unproductive for such a big part of my day.
However, I am not finding it as bad as I thought. The thing that is keeping me sane at the moment is podcasting. I always liked the radio in the car espacially stuff like In Our Time (Radio 4) which you can really get your teeth into but the scarcity of broadcast radio which really interests me is a problem. There just isn’t 15 hours of broadcasting in a week that a) I want to hear, b) I regard as a productive use of my time and c) is brodcast during the hours I’m on the road.
My phone (a Nokia E61) has wifi and a fairly good podcast client, so now I’m spending a few minutes each weekend updating my podcast list. This means that when I hit the road each day it is loaded up with the equivalent of a personally tailored radio station. Because of podcasters like DotNetRocks (who now do 2 shows a week), TWiT, Secuirty Now, ITConversations and others, listening to podcasts in the car has now replaced reading on the train and my commute is a productive and interesting part of my day.
And, hey…I just extended my contract for another six weeks 🙂

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