Plus ça change, plus c’est la même jambon…

So, a couple of weeks a go one of the guys on my team at work starts complaining that his other half keeps making him ham and mustard sandwiches for lunch…every day…same thing…and he’s not getting a lot of sympathy from the guys who make or buy their own lunch and rightly so. I mean, his other half works too and she’s taking time out each night or morning or whatever to make him lunch. Anyway, a week later and no change at which point opinion start’s to come around. He should drop some hints about fancying something diffferent. But, he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and it sounds like her feelings are easily hurt so…dilemma. The third week rolls around and now there is a general consensus that something has to be said. So over the weekend he finally dropped some hints. Now I don’t know if her feelings were hurt or not but he arrived at work this morning with a ham and mustard baguette.
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