Out of the indigo…

In other news I got an email from Michele Leroux Bustamante. How cool is that ?! As I have already had one from Juval Lowy I may try for the complete iDesign set. Who knows maybe I’ll get steak knives.
I emailed her ages ago about some issues I had with the possible limitations of starting muliple service hosts from a single hosting executable and heard nothing back. No biggie. But then out of the blue an email apologising for losing my email and offering great advice and generally NOT treating me like a crazy, freeloading stalker which just just reinforces my view of what a great bunch of people the .NET community are. I had also promised her a WWJD t-shirt if she replied, which she thought was a complete scream. So, there’s a petite, flock-print, ladies WWJD t-shirt on its way to California as I type.
To complete my day my kid brother who I see 4 times a year on account of him dividing his time between extreme roller-blading and working as a private investigator (I kid you not, you can’t make this stuff up) called and left a message on my voice mail telling me that he thought I looked like James Cagney. So now I’m freaked out. What film has he been watching and what is he taking ?!

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