NetBook Update

Following on from my last post about my mission to buy a NetBook I am now leaning toward the MSI Wind u100. I am also favouring the 10.2" screens over the 8.9" inch screens.
Here’s how they have stacked up so far :
ASUS EEE s101 :
  • Probably the most attractive.
  • Lightest.
  • Most expensive by far.
  • Hardest to upgrade because of slimness.
  • Not available yet anywhere that I can find.
  • VGA camera only
  • UK release dates seem to be slipping all the time.
  • Cannot get 64GB model with WinXP so would have to buy with Linux and install XP from scratch.

HP MiniNote 2133 :

  • Best screen resolution.
  • Feature rich (GB ethernet, express card slot)
  • Fast HDD (7200 RPM).
  • Small screen size.
  • Via CPU, not Intel Atom (next model MiniNote 1000 will have Atom but no release date yet).
  • VGA camera only
  • Second most expensive.

Acer Aspire One :

  • Joint Cheapest.
  • Max 1.5 GB RAM.
  • Small screen size.
  • VGA camera only.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 :

  • It’s a Dell.
  • Joint Cheapest.
  • Small disk size.
  • Small screen size.

MSI Wind u100 :

  • Huge HDD
  • Good feature set for the money
  • Supports in-BIOS overclocking
  • 6-cell battery (9-cell available)
  • Still fairly light

Lenovo IdeaPad s10 :

  • It’s a Lenovo
  • Good features for the money
  • No UK release date
  • Cannot confirm UK Price (the £320 was a press guess based on the US price).
  • Really heavy

So the MSI has it at the moment. I have found a store that will sell it for £309 plus £7.99 next day shipping. The RAM upgrade will cost me £15.00 shipped. I can also get a blisteringly fast 64GB Patriot Extreme Flash Warp SSD at a later date if I want and still have change from the ASUS.


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