MSI Wind is pocket-lint’s product of the year

pocket-lint recently announced their gadget of the year and the wind came out on top in both the best laptop and best product of the year. Beating the apple iPhone to the top place as the must have gadget of the year.

Product of the Year was fiercely fought this year, however the MSI Wind pipped the Apple iPhone 3G by a whisker to be crowned the “must have” gadget of 2008.

The wind also manged to come out on top over the Toshiba Portege R500

The MSI Wind gained the Best Laptop/Netbook award from Toshiba who came in second with the Portege R500.

Great news as pocket-lint is one of the more reputable sites around.

So my MSI Wind has arrived in time to be announced product of the year by pocket-lint. Thus far I have :

1) Upgraded to 2GB of RAM.

2) Installed all my software.

3) Upgraded the OS to XP Pro.

4) Upgraded the BIOS to 1.09 and the SCM to 2.0208.1031.001.14

5) Bought a 6-cell battery on eBay for £50.

One of the coolest features of the Wind is that with the latest BIOS (1.09) you have overclocking built right in to the BIOS settings. Just by hitting Fn + F10 on the system you can crank the 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom N270 upto 2Ghz.

To this I have also added an 8GB SDHC card to go in the SD card slot. The card slot however is the short kind so the SD card sticks out of the side of the Wind protruding by about 6mm which drives me nuts so it sits in the bag when not in use. I also have a 2.5″ USB/eSATA 160GB 5400 RPM with USB or external power for external storage and backups and a very small wireless mouse.

From reading the web it’s clear that the Wind is one of the most popular and most hacked devices available. Popular hacks include dual or even triple booting with Windows, Linux and OSX, upgrading heat sinks and network cards, over-clocking the CPU and the FSB, skinning and even installing a touch screen.


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