The Player of Games

I have just bought myself half a PlayStation 3 as a Christmas present (I’m coming to the “half” bit in just a sec). I never seem to get tired of acquiring games consoles. My current collection includes :

  • PlayStation 1
  • PlayStation 2
  • PSP
  • XBox
  • XBox 360
  • 2 Dreamcasts (one Japanese import)
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Game Cube
  • Nintendo GameBoy Pocket
  • I have been playing Metal Gear Mobile on my Nokia N95 recently but I’m not sure that counts

I think that’s all of them. I still don’t have a Wii. The crazy thing is I hardly ever get time to play them. My son is too young to be really interested in video games yet and my daughter is only really interested in the Nintendo DS.

The PlayStation 3 sneaked into my life as a result of the following conversation. I have no idea how this came about, but as you can see my wife is actually talking me into buying a PlayStation here. I wasn’t dreaming. This really took place :

Wife : I still have nothing for you for Christmas. What do you want?
Me : I don’t know. I have everything I need.
Wife : How about a Wii ?
Me : Are you seriously offering to buy me another game console ? Wow, you really are out of ideas then.
Wife : So you don’t want a Wii?
Me : I just don’t think we’d use it. Lots of people I know have them and they used them a lot to begin with and then it just tapered off and now it just sits there and they hardly ever use it.
Wife : Well what about that other one then ?
Me : What, PlayStation 3 ? They’re nearly twice the price of the Wii.
Wife : We could go halves. You could buy me the other half for Christmas.
Me : You want half a PlayStation for Christmas ?!
Wife : Well, can you think of anything better ?
Me : No. I can’t. But I think you will, probably sometime between when I order the PlayStation 3 from Amazon and Christmas morning and then there will be sulking because you’ll have forgotten this was your idea.

NB : I’m trying not to sound too keen at this stage. In fact, this is a god send. My wife is hard to shop for and I’ve just used up all my good gift ideas on her birthday.

Wife : Oh well. If you don’t want to…
Me (sensing the moment slipping away) : Although…now I think about it, you can play Blu-ray movies on a PS3 and we did talk about getting a Blu-ray player…
Wife : OK. That’s settled then.

You see. Job done, zero pain. I’m thinking this could in part be because I have recently sold off one of my guitars and perhaps I’m now below some secret guitar/console quota she has imposed in retaliation for my “one-in-one-out” shoe/handbag policy.

But now, on reflection, I see that this may only be the beginning. The thing is I don’t watch much TV and as a result I still have a lumbering, 5 year old CRT television set which was fine…until the whole PlayStation thing happened. Now I will have Blu-ray which is pointless unless you have HD. I can feel a big, flat screen, HD Ready 1080p looming on the horizon as I type. I don’t need one…I don’t think I even want one…but it’s there…waiting…


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