The keys to success

There is a list here of all the keyboard shortcuts in Windows. Wow ! That’s a lot of shortcuts. I’ve been using Windows forever and I’ll admit right now I only know a fraction of those.
Speaking of keyboards, there’s a great article here about the give and take in a software project, i.e. what developers should expect to contribute and what they should expect to receive in return. In short :

What can the project do for you?

First up we have a bunch of items along the lines of “I expect — maybe demand — that management will provide me with…”

  1. Two monitors
  2. A fast PC with a crapload of RAM
  3. Choice of mouse and keyboard
  4. A comfortable chair
  5. Quiet working conditions
  6. Internet unlimited
  7. Freedom to install software
  8. The best software
  9. Good coffee
  10. Sensible working hours
  11. Separate Environments for dev, qa and production

What can you do for the project?

But it’s not all “take take take”.

The other side of the equation are items along the lines of “I am committed to ensuring that these practices are performed…”

  1. Source Control
  2. Continuous integration
  3. Track bugs
  4. Unit testing
  5. Code analysis
  6. Continual peer review
  7. Peer training
  8. Keep yourself up to date
  9. Learn to Communicate with non-technical people
  10. Refactor!
  11. Passion
It’s a good list, but go read the full article as it goes into each item in more detail and with extra funny thrown in. File under “funny but true”.
Finally, check out Favrd. It’s a tracker that maintains a feed of all the tweets from twitter that are “yellow starred” or “favourited” (that is a thing, I swear) and ranks them daily by number of stars. It’s like cutting out all the mining and just being handed the gold.

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