How not to scale

Speaking of scale there’s an interesting article here by Bart Smaalders of Sun Microsystems about performance anti-patterns. He has identified a number of these anti-patterns :

  • Fixing Performance at the End of the Project
  • Measuring and Comparing the Wrong Things
  • Algorithmic Antipathy
  • Reusing Software
  • Iterating Because That’s What Computers Do Well
  • Premature Optimization
  • Focusing on What You Can See Rather Than on the Problem
  • Software Layering
  • Excessive Numbers of Threads
  • Asymmetric Hardware Utilization
  • Not Optimizing for the Common Case
  • Needless Swapping of Cache Lines Between CPUs

Although it does appear to have been written from the perspective of “performance over all” and some sections (e.g. the one about layering) ignore that fact that the history of software development has been a gradual trade-off between performance and other equally important things like flexibility, maintainability, portability, modularity, productivity etc, it’s a short, well written article that makes interesting reading.


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