Feeling the pinch

My broadband is getting worse and worse. When I moved into this house 5 years ago I got 4 mbps from an 8 mbps service because I am 1962 metres from my exchange. I’m pretty sure I haven’t got any further from my exchange in the last few  years but I just ran some speed tests and they make depressing reading. Basically, my Vodafone 3G is now faster than my broadband.

5 years ago I was with Bulldog. Bulldog got bought by Pipex who got bought by Tiscali who I think have now been acquired by TalkTalk or something. Either way I’m getting the shitty end of this market consolidation stick. Last time I complained they actually admitted that as part of one of the mergers I was downgraded from ADSL2+ to regular ADSL as part of an “exchange modernisation programme”. Now I’m just waiting for them to deliver my penny-farthing and take my car away as part of a “transport modernisation programme".

Here’s the news :

Network Download (mbps) Upload (mbps)
Broadband 1.45 0.42
O2 PAYG 3G 0.78 0.48
Vodafone Contract 3G 2.02 1.26

Even crappy O2 pay-as-you-go internet beats my broadband for upload speed 😦


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