Twitter Scaling with Scala : At Some Point the Cost of Servers Outweighs the Cost of Programmers

There’s a good article here about Twitter’s seemingly controversial move from a pure Ruby stack to Ruby on Rails plus JVM/Scala. What’s most interesting though is why this is seen as remotely controversial. It really illustrates how many people are still slaves to completely irrational and fanatical devotions not only to particular technologies, but pure implementations thereof. There are people leaping in left, right and centre almost falling over each other to demonstrate their unique combination of ignorance and bias. As Todd Hoff points out,

“Twitter didn’t take this large leap out of ignorance or incompetence.”

And Twitter’s Steve Jenson adds, :

“We spent several weeks going over our options, running extensive load tests, and presented our findings to the team at each stage. We did our due diligence.”

But it doesn’t matter how thorough the research and testing or how well founded the argument. The problem is that the fanatics have previously adopted twitter as their mascot or standard bearer and they became its champions. It became the thing they pointed to or waved aloft when arguing the case for the supremacy of their of little pet technology. As a result they made twitter their own, they made an emotional investment in it. Now, when it’s being changed they feel let down, betrayed even. Ridiculous.

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