Windows 7 RTM…the adventure.

I couldn’t face doing another complete rebuild on my machine so soon after having done one for the Windows 7 RC. So when I got the RTM I did a bad thing. I upgraded. This is not officially possible but if you copy all the source files off the DVD, edit the file sources\cversion.ini and set the MinClient setting to the same as the RC build number (7100) it will work just fine…well almost. Here’s a list of the stuff that didn’t.

1) Windows Virtual PC 2007 SP1. This does not seem to work on Windows 7 as Windows 7 has it’s own spanking new virtualisation. So I uninstalled the old one and set about trying to configure the new one. A couple of things about this though.intelutil

The new Virtual PC on Windows 7 requires hardware virtualisation support, i.e. your processor must support this. Then, as this is almost invariably disabled in the computer BIOS, you have to get in there and find the setting to activate it. In my case – Dell Latitude D830 – it was pretty well hidden in with the POST settings. To find out if your Intel processor supports this you can download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility from here. Once installed and run, look on the CPU Technologies tab under Intel® Virtualization Technology. If it’s set to Yes, you’re OK.

adaptersettings2) If you are a developer and you develop for Windows Mobile and you have the Windows Mobile SDK installed with its device emulators you may have a nasty shock at this point. The emulator uses the Virtual machine Network Services driver that is part of the old Virtual PC to allow it to piggy-back on your network connections. Once you uninstall Virtual PC 2007 this is all over. The fix for this is fairly straightforward since although Virtual PC 2007 does not work on Windows 7 it’s virtual network driver does. So, before you uninstall Virtual PC 2007 make a copy of the  Microsoft Virtual PC\Utility\VMNetSrv directory. Once the uninstall is complete go into your network adapter settings, pick any adapter and view its properties. Click on the install button, select Service and click Add… You should then be able to reinstall the driver from the copy of the directory you made.

3) Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). I previously had WMDC 6.1 installed on the Windows 7 RC and it worked fine. Again, no such luck on the RTM. So, I uninstalled it as the RTM is supposed to come with its own WMDC installed by default. Uninstalling the old one however seemed to knock the new one for six. It eventually started working again after a couple of reboots so I’m not sure what happened there.

In fairness to the RTM it did warn me that these thing wouldn’t work during the setup. Guess I should have taken more notice 🙂


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